Without further hesitation here are the members of the band Sylvain L Lalonde as lead vocalist interpreting Joe Cocker. Johnny Hayes on electric, acoustic guitar & back Vocals. Bernard (Bingo ) Deslaurier drummer & percussion, Daniel Loyer on Piano, Keys & Back vocals, Carl Malette on electric bass, Andrée Anne Levis Chalut on back vocals & on saxophone Pat Gilbert.Your are welcome to check the Bio section of each musicians by clicking on their link on our Bio webpage.

Sylvain L Lalonde


Singer / songwriter & harmonica player nicknamed “Barb z”, started singing as a young teen. He started his musical journey joining a band called “Mindscape” as their lead singer doing the popular rock of the day, covering songs by Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Johnny Winter, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, etc.. In 1992 Sylvain joined “Kings Ransom” as lead singer and frontman, doing tunes by Collin James, Jeff Healey, Bad Company, Offenbach, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top , The Doors etc..
Sylvain & his brother Stephane put together a popular tribute Blues Brothers Act. Thats when Sylvain learned to really appreciate Blues, Motown, Rhythm & Blues and Soul music.

In 2021 Sylvain decided to form a larger band with Johnny Hayes, Marie- Eve Vezina, Carl Malette, William Laurin and Dave Elbourn and later on Patrick Blain    keeping the name “The Unleaded Blues Band,”
Also forming an acoustic duo with Dave Elbourne known as Unleaded Blues Duo. Sylvain sings, plays harmonica & Dave is either doing the songs in acoustic or electric version. The duo does covers of various artists with an acoustic blues groove, classic rock, folk    & some french songs just to say the least.

Since 2018 Sylvain always had the dream of signing the great Joe Cocker & doing a tribute band this greatly missed artist. The dream finally became a reality in September 2022    now named Unchained & The Mad Dogs in which Sylvain sings and as on board Bernard (Bingo ) Deslaurier as it s drummer,    Johnny Hayes on Electric , acoustic, guitar & back vocals. Daniel Loyer on piano, keyboard, & back vocals, Pat Gilbert on saxophone, Martine Parisien on vocals & back vocals finally Carl Malette on bass & back vocals.

Be ready to be entertained as this high in colour, energy & emotions group will get you moving to the beat of music & will bring you back to the years where music & liberty of expression was lived to the fullest.

Daniel Loyer


Evolving since my early childhood in a musical environment (mother and grandmother pianists, father playing guitar and harmonica), my first passion was singing, which then led me to the piano. When I was a teenager, I learned the guitar on my own.

After university studies in science, I decided to do a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialty in musical composition at Concordia University.

During my music studies, I founded my first quartet, in which I performed several of my compositions. This led me to perform on various jazz radio shows, as well as at the Montreal Jazz Festival for several years.

I then joined several jazz groups including Nébu, Aroma, Digital5. Subsequently, I turned a little more towards popular music, where I accompanied several artists including Ginette Reno, Fernand Gignac, Claude Dubois, Nanette Workman, La Bottine Souriante, Les Crooners, Lucie Blue Tremblay, to name a few. than those.

have also been heard on various TV and radio shows, such as Star d’un Soir (SRC), De Bonne Humeur (TVA), En Accord (SRC), Providence (SRC), etc.

Reconnecting with composition for a few years, I produced a first CD which brings together different styles that I have explored since the beginning of my career. This opus is called PIANO SOLO. I am working today on a new production where I play several instruments and interpret my recent songs. This new opus will be released in the fall of 2023.

I am also part of the trio Les Cravates Blanches, which reinterpret various Quebec, French and American hits. I have joined forces of fine bunch musicians & singer in the Tribute to the Joe Cocker – Unchained and the Mad Dogs hoping to play at a venue near you very soon.

Johnny Hayes


Johnny Hayes is a multi instrumentalist playing acoustic & electric guitar, piano, organ, mandolin, banjo and drums.
Johnny fell in love with music in his teens and it’ s many styles from Rock, to Blues, folk, Quebecois & country, both in French and in English.
He started home recording in his teens & has gained a lot of experience. Recording quickly became a passion. With this in mind he created his own recording studio & has since completed projects for friends & acquaintances in the music business.

Previously he played with a band called Hall of Fame. In 2021, he joined the ranks of Unleaded Blues Band as recording producer, keyboardist, rhythm guitarist when required, and backing vocal singer.

As of September 2022 Johnny is now part of the Unchained & The Mad Dogs Tribute to the great Joe Cocker as lead guitarist recording producer,& back vocal singer.

Bernard (Bingo) Deslauriers


Freelance drummer since 1977.
Accompanied artists like:
Chuck Berry, Shawn Phillips, Celine Dion, Charles Trenet, Al Martino, Johnnie Johnson.
In Quebec:

15 years with Bob Walsh, tours with Marjo, Bob Harrisson, Jim Zeller, Jean Millaire, Rock Voisine, Michel Louvain, Céline Dion, Luba and many others.

Participated in 32 editions of the FIJM, Sweet Dixie, Blues scene with several blues artists, tribute to B.B.King, show by the blues camp pros.
De Bonne Humeur program, 1988 to 1992, Telethons and several variety shows.

More than sixty albums, TV and radio commercials and participation in the music and image of the film Gas bar blues (2003).

For 2023:
Jannard album release.

Unchained and The Mad Dog (Tribute to Joe Cocker).

Brian Tyler (History of the Blues), Tribute to Michel Louvain (Un certain souvenir), Jim Zeller, Paul Deslauriers & Annika Chambers. Other freelance contracts.

Carl Malette


Carl has joined The Unleaded Blues band after having recorded bass guitar on tracks for various musicians at Johnny Hayes Recording Studio.. Carl’s father had been the sound technician for a band, and taken Carl with him to various shows which developed the love for music in his son. Classic rock, blues, soul, funk, folk, fusion, and country all fall into the scope of his musical interests. Carl’s prime inspiration can be laid at the feet of 2 absolute greats of the bass. John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and the amazing studio and fusion giant Marcus Miller. We are very happy Carl joined the Unchained and The Mad Dogs formation Tribute to Joe Cocker.

Pat Gilbert


Since the age of eight, Pat Gilbert was drawn to music. The drama began with recorders, then soprano, then tenor, then soprano and bass. Passionate about the Andean flute and Bach, among others.

This self-taught learning lasted from the age of eight to the age of seventeen. I then discovered “Jethro Tull”. Ian Anderson & bought my first transverse flute.

I later slipped to the saxophone and got hooked. I was part of several groups, first on the flute and later on the saxophone which became my main instrument. I am happy to be part of the Tribute Band to Joe Cocker – Unchained and The Mad Dogs . It s an honour of being part of such a fine bunch of musicians & singers. Hoping to see you soon at our next event.

Andrée Anne

Back vocal

Music has always been a part of my life, coming from a family of musicians, music has always been important to me. It took on a more important place as a teenager when at school, Judy-Ann heard me sing and encouraged me in my passion. I play acoustic guitar and sometimes accompany myself for small shows here and there and for fun. I am happy and proud to be part of the group Unchained & The Mad Dogs as soprano-alto singers. See you soon in show.